Обложка книги Kingdoms of Daaskmere

Kingdoms of Daaskmere

ISBN: 1411634896;
Издательство: Lulu Press
Страниц: 156

Epic Fantasy - In Verse! When young William arrived at Meadowsford Dale to begin his arduous training as a knight, how could he know that long before he ever achieved his accolade, he would experience more adventure thanany of the legendary heroes of old? While still a squire, he would be among the few on hand to witness the terrifying arrival of Daask the Dragon into the kingdom. He would race with his elders toward the palace to warn the king of this latest and inexplicable threat. He would join the sea of soldiers who had pledged to confront the beast and slay it. And, on the brink of battle, he would discover to his astonishment that he alone possessed a strange and otherworldly connection with the mysterious dragon ? a unique and privileged access into Daask?s soul that, if he could muster the courage to enter it, would render him far more powerful than anything he could possibly imagine.