Обложка книги Saurian Summer

Saurian Summer

ISBN: 0595364071;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 200

Book DescriptionThe Saurians built new outposts under the guise of increasing security of their border, however, the large staging areas discovered hidden in the woods behind them caused the Races of Order concern about a possible invasion. A Saurian Invasion would also cause problems for the Demon and the Bursh. It would have a major impact on the Master Plan they had been working on for many years. The major key to the Plan was the Races of Order did not have a united front and the humans were unorganized, but an invasion could change that. If the unallied races and the Races of Order united, working together they could defeat the Master Plan. The Plan was designed for world conquest by the Races of Chaos to happen so quickly that the Elden would arrive too late to help. Now had to be modified because the Elden returned to their strongholds after five hundred years due to the invasion threat. The Saurians had to be stopped or defeated quickly. Unbeknownst to...