Обложка книги Sunstone


ISBN: 0976247186;
Издательство: Winterwolf Publishing
Страниц: 292

Rianna lives in Celtic Ireland at the turn of the first millennium. When her mother dies she runs away to avoid an arranged marriage. Teaming up with Ivar, a Nordic skald, she travels across Ireland as a singer. They continue their adventures by sailing to Norway where Rianna saves the village women and children while the men are away. When Erik is falsely accused of murder, he is banished from Norway for three years. Rianna and Ivar join him with a Viking crew and they sail to Iceland. While there, she learns that years ago her missing uncle sailed to a land far to the south. There is one survivor from that voyage that remains alive in Iceland. Rianna pays him a visit and is able to acquire a map along with a sunstone for navigation. She tells the crew about a treasure that will bring them great wealth and convinces them to sail to this distant land where her uncle could still be alive. When they arrive in the strange country, they are captured by natives who...