Обложка книги The Gathering : The Shadow Gate Trilogy: Book II

The Gathering : The Shadow Gate Trilogy: Book II

ISBN: 0595335942;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 432

The Prophecy turns towards its end… In Acrevast, where enchantment is never distant and things are oft not what they appear, the forces of Light and Shadow move closer to their fated final conflict. When the theft of the second Wheel of Avis-fe makes unlikely partners of knights and thieves, Argentia Dasani finds herself drawn back into the tangled pursuit of the talismans. As the dangerous chase ranges from haunted villages to forgotten dungeons, the huntress and companions old and new race against time and their demonic adversary to somehow thwart the Gathering...while behind them, a deadly assassin stalks the shadows of Castle Aventar, threatening the future of the crowndom even if the company’s quest succeeds…

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