Обложка книги The Heart Of Lichien

The Heart Of Lichien

ISBN: 1413462995;
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation
Страниц: 602

A fast-paced, fantasy adventure set in the land of Sennovia. A land far to the north, shadowed in mysticism. A place spoken about only in whispers, a place cursed. Yet this is the very place Kellen finds he must go, despite his fears, as the Black Guard of legend invade his homeland. He is captured by the rebels and unwittingly joins their cause to save the Throne and a beloved princess. His path seems simple until he meets Sasheer, a man hauntingly familar, handsome, cynical, and far more dnagerous than all the dark whispers combined. Plagued by sensual nightmares and befriended by an unusual Drow warrior, Kellen must now decide what is real and what is imagined before the events of the past come back to kill them all.