Обложка книги The Shards (Gemquest, Book 3) (Gemquest)

The Shards (Gemquest, Book 3) (Gemquest)

ISBN: 1590920805;
Издательство: Windstorm Creative Ltd.
Страниц: 392

Captured and imprisoned by his brother Colton, Premoran fears the shards will now be lost forever. Yet even as he rails against his fate, aid rises in the form of Tamara, a Sister of Parth whose mystical abilities will allow her to retrieve the eleventh shard. Finally awakened from their slumber, the Twins prepare to embark on their separate quests for the Gem of Eternity. This deeply felt series is both entertaining and thought provoking. In an epic fantasy context, Mr. Wassner presents credible characters engaged in a struggle with many contemporary resonances. Beneath the fast-paced story Mr. Wassner subtly examines relevant philosophical issues including honor, responsibility and finding hope in the face of utter destruction.

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