Обложка книги All Night Awake

All Night Awake

ISBN: 0441011128;
Издательство: Ace
Страниц: 368

Amazon.comThe adventures of the Elizabethan teacher and poet Will Shakespeare continue in All Night Awake , the sequel to Sarah A. Hoyt's debut novel, Ill Met by Moonlight . Seeking his fortune, young Will has come to London, but his only fate looks to be death, by either starvation or plague. All hope seems lost--then Will meets Kit Marlowe, the most acclaimed playwright of the age. Marlowe offers to help Will find work on the stage, and Will accepts, never dreaming that Marlowe is a treacherous tool of Queen Elizabeth's secret agents. Will believes his fortune has turned--until his Dark Lady, Silver, the ruler of Elvenland, finds him. Believing she seeks only to seduce him away from his wife, Will sends Lady Silver away. He refuses to believe her story that the plague afflicting London is caused by her villainous brother. But Silver speaks the truth. Her brother, the ex-king of Elvenland, seeks vengeance on those who overthrew him: the Lady Silver and her ex-lover, the...

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