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Jovan Demetrius Mihailovic

An Icy Day in August

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ISBN: 1401085555
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 356
Book DescriptionThe epidemic of the "Black Plague" in the fourteenth century, the most devastating one ever known to history, took Europe by surprise, though it should had been expected due to the slow but steady migration of black rats from the Far East. Indeed, nothing could have stopped it. Not outcries for mercy, not prayers or curses, not love or hatred, not justice or prejudice, not saints or angels, not holy relics, not divinities invented by man or handed down by unknown cosmic forces. Yetthe time of relief was painfully short. In the colorful and amazing city of Lausanne, situated on the north shore of deep and peaceful Lake Leman, the plague makes a dreadful comeback only two years later, as experienced by a gallery of unique characters (some registered by historians in the so-called "Strasbourg Chronicles"), characters in many ways larger than life, but with one thing in common: they all suffer a growing sensation of cold that turns August into December-all of them...