Обложка книги Bloodbond


ISBN: 1592863973;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 344

Alexander Stewart is the youngest of four brothers; by default, he becomes heir to his uncle?s kingdom of Shire on the day he comes of age. Alexander along with his Bloodbond, Talon Longbow head towards an unknown future in Shire. Unfortunately, the Gul Army is waiting for the spring thaw to renew its battle to crush and conquer Shire. A member of Shire?s royal family has been poisoned, graft, and corruption is rampant in Shire?s army. Among certain of the Shire nobility greed and treachery has reared their ugly heads. Neighbors once considered allies are no more and still others become involved with Shire under strange circumstance and in unexpected ways. Making things more desperate is the fact one of the Gods has decidedto take a more active role in destroying Shire and changing the known world drastically. For this end, he has enlisted the help of a few of his siblings. This action has forced a few of the gods, previously not involved, to assist Alexander and Shire,...