Обложка книги Bloodthirst


ISBN: 1592865127;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 164

Evil lives in depths of the Adirondacks. Hundreds of years ago a girl nears the time of her induction into the clan of Vlach. As her time nears she is taken as a slave by returning crusaders. She is abused and worked like an animal. One night she is driven to kill, tasting blood for the first time; it becomes her all-consuming passion. She comes to rest in the great city of London and manages to survive living near the docks. As the years pass and more and more people go missing, she is at risk. The woman manages to board a ship for the New World. The crew is soon decimated; the ship sails on, finally foundering on the coast of the Americas. The woman, the only survivor, begins a journey that leads her to seclusion. Carol knows the secret, the evil that lives nearby, the horror of missing children. The woman must be destroyed.