Обложка книги February the Sixth

February the Sixth

ISBN: 0595276148;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 140

Book DescriptionIn February 1993 a fifty-two year old Californian lawyer, returning to his New Hampshire boarding school for a memorial service, finds himself in a February of 1958, his senior year. The school, faculty, and students remain as they were, but he, in regaining his youth, retains his lifelong knowledge and memories. For three days he tries to return to his appreciated life and marriage. Although he struggles with school assignments and restrictions, he comes to value his youthful energy, his athletic skills, and the opportunity to observe old friends and to phone his by now deceased father. In his mind he debates the material advantages of reliving his life with his full knowledge of events to come. At a school dance he is attracted to a girl, and he makes a moving discovery, which strengthens his resolve to escape. A novel of nostalgia that balances the values of youth with an understanding of adulthood.