Обложка книги Fladen's Child

Fladen's Child

ISBN: 1592862683;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 316

Book DescriptionThe saga describes the life of a Viking named Krorf who comes of age in a violent era. It assumes that powerful religious teaching has altered the modern expectations of these people. The cultural footprint of this richly endowed, democratically grounded people of the first millennium is so vilified in the written history that few modern readers are aware that members of that culture displayed character and thinking quite similar to our modern ways. The story of Krorf is presented with the cultural development of the life and times in the Viking society in the context of many modern expectations, finding Krorf gentle by the standard and mores of that time. Krorf benefits from his training as a warrior by exposure to many people of his time in unique and surprising ways. He enjoys his romance of Shav, Vita, Lufma, and Sedal and contributes to unexpected events in a by-gone time.