Обложка книги Lioness of the Sun

Lioness of the Sun

ISBN: 1591297168;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 200

Book DescriptionDuring Zep Tepi, the First Time, the One evolved into the Many and Nature?s forces were in balance. Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine, Above and Below existed in Ma?at, in Harmony. As time progressed, Egypt?s priests, corrupted by power and wealth, shifted the fulcrum. Sekhmet, Lioness of the Sun, Defender of Ma?at, reaches through the Veils. Acquiring the assistance of a young priest and priestess from across the Great Green, the Powerful One takes steps to return the Two Lands to cosmic balance once more. The mysteries, traditions, and theology of Ancient Egypt are revealed as we follow the initiation of Arion and Marissa into the Kemetian Priesthood during the reign of Hatshepsut, the Female King. The intrigue of Pharonic succession in the 18th dynasty is the canvas upon which Sekhmet, The Powerful One, Lady of Flame, sets out to right the inequity between gods and men.