Обложка книги Menitheos


ISBN: 159129682X;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 150

Book DescriptionThe Majestic summit that inclines toward heaven shapes the spiritual ascendancy of the young man, Menitheos. He is born in the hamlet of Renascence and, though physically deformed, beautiful Menitheos is intellectually and spiritually a final draft of excellence. At age fourteen he ascends the first summit of the mountain to record the oral history of Renascence and the parent village of Barthelem. While on the mountain he observes warriors from Barthelem attacking the people of Renascence?the sensible wisdom of Menitheos becomes essential to the village elders. The Bright God of the Sky speaks to him in a dream, but the innate skepticism of the youthful mystic forbids him embracing his calling; more complicating is his love for a young woman, Chrysindra. He ascends to the second summit of the mountain and writes pearls of spiritual wisdom including The Great Oracle. The ancient sage from Barthelem tutors him in hyper-spiriting and they co-jointly experience other...