Обложка книги Rhaeva


ISBN: 0595256368;
Издательство: Writer's Showcase Press
Страниц: 368

Book DescriptionWhen Rhaeva of Calevyr becomes the only person who can rid her lands of the Keravim raiders, she has no idea what is about to begin. Discovering her full magical powers only when the Keravim seek their revenge, she is called upon to serveher Goddess in the homeland of her mother, and becomes a powerful magician. When her twin brother returns, cursed to darkness by their enemy, she and her companions embark on a quest to retrieve the only cure: the mysterious Elixir of theMoon, guarded by a dark and evil sorcerer and his werewolf children. She and her companions undertake an arduous and often moving quest, filled with shape-changers and prophecy, strange lands and ancient races... Slowly, piece by piece,Rhaeva learns the full extent of her powerful birthright and what, exactly, depends on her.