Обложка книги The Casebook of Janet Moore

The Casebook of Janet Moore

ISBN: 1592864031;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 265

Book DescriptionThe teenager Janet Moore is the most powerful magic user in her world and is the leader of the White Sorcerer?s Guild of the Blue Light. When Janet moves into her modest cottage in Wyvern Glen Village, she meets Willie Janis, who becomes her close friend. Willie starts chronicling Janet?s each new mystery or murder case after Janet solves the case where Willie is accused of murder. Janet soon runs afoul of the evil sorcerer, Manfort Yeer, whose nefarious deeds and actions make him Janet?s nemesis. Janet?s use of magic and logical deduction fast gains the teen a reputation as the world?s greatest detective and everyone?mortal and magical?desires to use her services to solve their mysteries. An example is the dragon, Henry, who is wrongly accused of murdering a mortal maid. Every chapter in the book is a complete and different mystery.