Обложка книги The Circle

The Circle

ISBN: 1589393600;
Издательство: Virtualbookworm.com Publishing
Страниц: 280

Book DescriptionTHE CIRCLE is a fictional blend of action, romance and the unknown world of myths and legends set in historical New England. A gargoyle, Griffon, falls in love, but not for one of his kind. A human woman, Samantha, has stolen his stoic heart. A man, one of her kind, Jacob, stands in Griffon's way of gaining her trust and love, and one of Griffon's own kind will do anything to keep Samantha out of The Circle, including murder. Sam's given name is Samantha Garret, but everyone calls herSam for short. She was born and raised near the waterways and ocean in a sleepy New England fishing community called Wilsomere, where her family has lived for generations. The deceptively calm setting of the inlet masks a secret that outsiders are not aware of; women are mysteriously disappearing, and the gargoyle legend has become real. Neighbors that have lived side by side for generations now look at each other with suspicion trying to see into eyes behind dark glasses that might...