Обложка книги The Fixer Spider-Boxed

The Fixer Spider-Boxed

ISBN: 0595279163;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 238

Book DescriptionSecurity! Luxury! Companionship! The deal of a lifetime offers all these and more. But street people are disappearing, old folks losing their minds, and an ancient Zuni woman cries out because the Medicine ManA?s spirit canA?t find its own body. The worldA?s wealthiest philanthropist and his mystical friend travel from crumbling Anasazi pueblos to FloridaA?s sun-drenched by-ways to unlock the secrets hidden amid a trail of hand-carved boxes, but the hairy spider has other plans for this young man destined to harness the power of light and hold back the waters. Is Shawn Dillarro really the Amitola TsawakiA? the prophesied Rainbow Youth? And how in the world can a lowlyhermit crab bring down the beast? The Fixer better find answers in those visions he conjures of eyesA or heA?ll be the next to find himself Spider-Boxed .

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