Обложка книги The Godmaker Legacy: The Derelict : A Novel

The Godmaker Legacy: The Derelict : A Novel

ISBN: 0595296874;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 608

Since the beginning of time, the Derelict has been trapped within the confines of Forbidden Space. Only the most ancient races in the Universe know of its existence and that of the darkness concealed on board. The Derelict was supposed to be an enigma that was to forever remain unsolved. However, for xeno-archeologist Dr. Thomas London and the crew of Union Acquisition Team Phoenix, the Derelict was about to become their next assignment. Known as the best at acquiring rare artifacts of dead alien civilizations, Team Phoenix becomes the prime target of a plot to secure the secrets from the Universe's most coveted mystery. To acquire the Derelict, London and his team will have to challenge a pantheon of the Universe's most revered race, the Star Gods, with the survival of the Universe hanging on the outcome.