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William D. Reynolds

The Magistrate: Lykos Reborn

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ISBN: 0595265626
Издательство: Writer's Showcase Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 228
Book DescriptionIn the early second century A.D., a conscientious Roman magistrate assumes his duties in the tranquil Bithynian city of Diakropolis, unaware that under its placid surface, a great and ancient evil holds sway over the town and its citizens. Marcellus, the magistrate, soon finds himself at odds with Siros, a powerful merchant and leader of the Order of Croesus, a sinister and secret organization that controls the cityA?s commerce and politics. As Marcellus unwittingly begins to uncover a yet darker and more evil enterprise of the OrderA?the exploitation and persecution of the local Christian churchA?he finds himself drawn into the raging conflict between the laws of the empire he is sworn to serve and the faith of the fledgling sect. On a whirlwind ride through treachery, temptation and political intrigue, the magistrate braves calamities of all kinds in a quest for justice and truth, along the way finding unexpected allies among...