Обложка книги The Naz A'Ren Prophecies: Exiles from Aeden

The Naz A'Ren Prophecies: Exiles from Aeden

ISBN: 059526946X;
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Страниц: 416

Book DescriptionExiles From Eden traces the lineage of an extraordinary clan of Naz a’Ren (Chosen People) from a time before recorded history. It’s a time of mystical creatures, demons, shape-changers, armies of wolves and enormous battle cats standing with and against heroic characters from which legend and myth are born. Throughout the two conjoined Worlds of Aeden and Aereth, great lords and leaders conduct the most basic of life and death struggles between Good and Evil, Order versus Chaos. Out of dire circumstance the greatest of the High Lords is awakened. From the midst of the Great Second World War, travel back through time with the last Naz a’Ren Prophet in his attempt to discover his true self and destined path through his dynastic heritage. The journey reveals horrific atrocities relished by the greatest of evil beings and counter-strike, cold-blooded brutalities exercised in the name of the Creator. With the fate of two worlds at stake,...

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