Обложка книги Dark Roots

Dark Roots

ISBN: 0931761832;
Издательство: Beckham Publications Group
Страниц: 304

Book DescriptionInterracial relationships, black mysticism in tribal Africa, and the strong bond of family love all combine for a compelling read in a new novel, Dark Roots, by Jeannie Cobb. An exciting narrative featuring main character Amber Brooks, who is African American, and Clayton, her white boyfriend takes the couple from the corporate boardroom, back in time to 1840s America in a frantic search for Amber's brother, James, an anthropologist whose near-fanatic interest in the African slave trade leads to his disappearance on the Dark Continent. Along the way, Amber and Clayton experience first-hand the power of long-held African beliefs in the supernatural, and discover the true meaning of love and life.