Обложка книги RAVISHED WINGS


ISBN: 0595314406;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 436

Book DescriptionDaughter of the Saxon chieftain, Rulf, and his swan maiden bride, Odette was orphaned when the forces of Charles Martel laid siege to her beloved village. Now banished by her vengeful sister, Lady Vanda, Odette is escorted by her sympathetic brother-n-law into the safe haven of Athla. In this fabled realm the law decrees that Odette must learn the rites of the Great Balance, or the sensual equilibrium between men and women. While Odette is initiated into Athla's disciplines of passion and surrender, powerful forces work beyond the borders. The vampire priests of Loki seek to possess Odette in order to sacrifice her to their deity. To achieve this they will turn to Lady Vanda, and a handsome mercenary who knows nothing about Odette's heritage or Vanda's true motives. What neither the vampires nor Lady Vanda know is that Loki's plans include more than a mere rite. For the malevolent god seeks release from his ancient prison for a single purpose-to destroy...