Обложка книги Taris: Lord Of The Britains

Taris: Lord Of The Britains

ISBN: 1413443354;
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation
Страниц: 185

Book DescriptionHere before you is the life, the love and the great adventure of Taris, Lord of the Britains. Before King Arthur, a great King whose many deeds are overshadowed by the legends of King Arthur. In this tale, I hope to bring alive the life and great deeds of King Taris. Step back in time and relive the life of this great King. Travel with him as he struggles with faith, love and courage. Share in the battles as tries to hold a fragile Roman Britain and it?s peoples together. Relive a time when King wanted to be nothing more than a man and a God that wanted him to be a King.