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Sarah Chloe Burns

The Daughters Of Juno: Chronicle I: Matilda Of Argyll (Daughters of Juno)

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ISBN: 1571973923
Издательство: Pentland Press (NC)
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 440
Book Description"The Daughters of Juno, Chronicle I: Matilda of Argyll" is the first story of an epic trilogy that explores the inexplicable bond that exists between religion and violence, while at the same time telling the tale of the Goddess Juno and the incredible strength within the daughters of her line who live in her name. "Daughters of Juno" is an exciting, intriguing, and highly mystical tale that connects supernatural beings to historical events, applying imagined figureheads to actual occurrences, thus creating a highly edifying yet greatly entertaining saga. The historically documented mental, physical, spiritual and medical mistreatment of females, minorities and the working classes in England, Scotland and America are characterized in truthful and dramatic detail. Fans of womens? studies and history are sure to enjoy this truly original work.