Обложка книги Time and Again

Time and Again

ISBN: 1413719562;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 157

Book DescriptionThe world is in troubling times once more. It needs a hero. Throughout the years the magicians Merlin and Morgan le Fay have watched over mankind. They have finally decided that the world once again has need of the legendary King Arthur Pendragon. But there is a slight problem; the only person who can wake him from his long slumber is his Champion. Unfortunately for them, his Champion is Sera Nacien. In many ways she is the same as she was in the time of Arthur: smart-mouthed and hot-tempered. In times of old she was known as the Lady Champion Seraphim. Her current occupation is that of a secret government agent. Her specialty is the area on the planet known as Tratia. And quite frankly she has a few problems of her own to deal with. But when she wakes Arthur, will her old friend be able to help her as she once did for him? More importantly will she allow him to help her? Now Arthur Pendragon is once again in the realm of the living. It is time for new adventures to...