Обложка книги Blood Raven's Last Battle Prince

Blood Raven's Last Battle Prince

ISBN: 0595356079;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 528

In an age of fallen empires, crippled kingdoms, broken souls, and lost hope comes Cadfael, the undefeated battle prince and son of King Machraith the Beast. Cadfael wages war against his father?s numerous enemies, as he is determined to bring peace to the land. Saxons covertly pose as Cadfael?s bride?s royal Scotti family, and Celtic kings of neighboring kingdoms are bloodthirsty to bring his kingdom, Ynyr, within the grip of their iron-fisted rule. After Cadfael iselected as king in his father?s stead, Cadfael?s brothers conspire to steal the glory of Ynyr?s throne from him. At the center of this turmoil is Cadfael?s bride, Guenhumara, the true love of legendary chieftain warrior Arthurand descendant of an enemy king. But upon their love united, an invisible enemy, a prince most feared and powerful above all, hunts the sacred blood of Cadfael?s mother, desires to crush Ynyr, and tries to take the sweet breath from Guenhumara....