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Don LoCicero

If Animals Could Speak : A 21st Century Fable inspired by 9/11/2001

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ISBN: 059534478X
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 268
IF ANIMALS COULD SPEAK is a fantasy that examines the human condition and our relationship to the animal kingdom. Inspired by 9/11/2001, the central themes of the novel are betrayal, terror, loss, heroism and love. Unlike that infamous September day, however, the primary victims and heroes of LoCicero?s work are not human, but a band of farm animals. Faced with the destruction of their farm after its sale to developers, they valiantly but vainly battle the construction workersand their cruel, scar-faced boss. Exiled and pursued, their numbers grow as they recruit a dog, a bear, a colony of bats, a band of raccoons, an eagle, and ultimately a human who was an eyewitness to the terrorist attack on New York?s Twin Towers. The latter, a stage actor nicknamed Shake, is also a fugitive, suspected by overzealous government agents of being a terrorist. Horse ultimately takes the unprecedented action of revealing the animals? most guarded secret to Shake. The latter...