Обложка книги Sir Severus Le Brewse

Sir Severus Le Brewse

ISBN: 193109599X;
Издательство: Silver Lake Publishing
Страниц: 148

Book DescriptionAlong the celebrated halls of the great King Arthur walks a solitary knight who seeks neither glory nor pagentry. Sir Severus le Brewse, slayer of beasts and monsters, lives for the life of errantry, of quests and adventures. A man of humble beginnings, he has fought snakes, trolls, and dragons, all in the name of honor and service... Upon a small island in the Middle-earth Sea sits a great beast that terrorizes the surrounding villages. Determined to save her home, the beautiful enchantress Lilava has come to Arthur's court in search of a knight who will destroy the creature. She knows she must pick carefully for only a true hero could hope to survive against the deadly Chimaera... Within these pages let the reader discover thetale of Britain's most underrated knight. A story of excitement, humor, and romance; of great deeds, fierce monsters, and lovely maidens. And let it be known that a man can accomplish any feat if he only has honor, dedication, and...