Обложка книги The Shaman's Daughter : Appalachian Mountain Stories

The Shaman's Daughter : Appalachian Mountain Stories

ISBN: 0595343384;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 156

Book DescriptionA collection of stories from the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, The Shaman?s Daughter touches on everything from baptisms and funerals to love and hate?no subject is off limits. You can practically hear the Southern accent of the characters, as author David S. Rains provides an uncensored look into his life. And the hilarity ensues, whether it?s Mama hitting a neighbor over the head with an old wagon axle, David visiting his first whorehouse, or Mike blowing up his grandmother while trying to cure a dog of mange. The darkly comical stories in The Shaman?s Daughter will have you laughing until you cry! The dog was running in larger and larger circles as the fuse burned shorter and shorter. Suddenly old Sarge turned and made a beeline for the house, to get under the porch where he always slept. "He's going to the house, he's going to get under the porch. Good Lord almighty, Granny is on the porch by herself. Good...