Обложка книги Thraxas and the Dance of Death (Thraxas)

Thraxas and the Dance of Death (Thraxas)

ISBN: 1416509070;
Издательство: Baen
Страниц: 256

Book Description In the enchanted city of Turai, the royal family is corrupt, the politicians can be bought, and the civic guards have better things to do than guarding. Thraxas may look unprepossessing, being overweight and not quite overbrained, andmore interested in pursuit of his next glass of beer than pursuit of justice, but if you're in trouble in Turai this portly private eye is probably your only hope. Turai is no stranger to death in all its forms-except that now a silent and insidious variety of death has entered the city, and no one knows who will die next. What they do know is that everywhere Thraxas goes in his search to recover a missing magical jewel, the mysterious death has been there first, leaving the dead or dying as its calling card. Thraxas hasn't a clue, but he does have a pressing shortage of funds, and if stopping the unseen, unknown silent killer is what it takes to recover the jewel and replenish his wallet, he'll take the job. But will he solve the...

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