Обложка книги Paddy and the Wizard

Paddy and the Wizard

ISBN: 1592861415;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 132

Paddy and the Wizard begins with a fearful 12-year-old boy who moved from Boston to Ireland with his mother after the supposed death of his father at sea. He and his friend, Daryl, meet a strange old man who appears to them in a shaft of light in a cave. After many days of overcoming the fear from that encounter, Paddy once again meets the old man and begins to listen to his magical stories. The old man is actually a wizard, and through his stories Paddy embarks on a series of adventures in the Elfic Realm. Paddy gains the courage to find the magic sword that only he can wield and uses it to rescue his father, who is actually the prisoner of a wicked sorcerer. Paddy and his parents are then reunited to dwell in the Elfic Realm.

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