Обложка книги The Wizard of Dixon-Banner

The Wizard of Dixon-Banner

ISBN: 1592860540;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 268

Russell Galvin is a wizard who hates his job. Not only that, but his King sees him as a disposable soldier, his best friend wants to kill him, and his associates think he might be crazy. Furthermore, Russell is having deliriously grotesque and bloody dreams about daemons who keep trying to steal a white book, while a little voice constantly asks him, ?what passes, but hovers still?? Can Russell save himself and stop the daemons in order to get together with the girl of his dreams? Or is he truly as expendable as his King thinks? Only a mysterious ?shadow man? has faith in him, but will the shadow man be able to help before Russell winds up dead? Or will Russell find his way in the character-driven plot twists of the horror-based fantasy The Wizard of Dixon-Banner?

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