Обложка книги Divine Magic: The Bell of Fairy

Divine Magic: The Bell of Fairy

ISBN: 141372437X;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 200

Not many people have danced with fairies, fought along side dwarves, talked like a dragon, battled air pirates, or piloted an airship. But Roe Lawless has done all that and more. The adopted son of a run away convict, Roe Lawless, along with his two younger siblings, Linn and June, run a respectable ferry service from the legendary outlaw?s paradise, Stix?s Oasis. But their whole universe turns upside down when a wizardess named Rania asks them to ferry a small silver bell to the Vura Island kingdom. Along the way their trip gets interrupted and they are transported the World of Fairy. There they wine, dine, dance and make new friends. Upon their return they are captured by the corrupt Garian soldier Ven Gallen and learn that the world they just visited holds much more than the kind winged people they encountered.

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