Обложка книги Sara's Magical Journey

Sara's Magical Journey

ISBN: 1413730981;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 48

Sara was twelve years old when she lived in the country with her mother and father. While playing in the woods one day and pretending to be a fairy princess, Sara found herself lost. Frightened by a voice in the woods, Sara tripped and fell. She found herself in a new place. It was the land of Tonisia, the land of fairies. Sara was told that she would have to rescue the leader of Tonisia and all of her people. To do this, she must travel a great distance to Helmagog. She had a guide,though, a massive horse named Denoon. He would become her faithful friend and ally along this long and magical journey. She must complete this task in order to be able to again return home. It would be a long and adventurous journey, and some would not survive.

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