Обложка книги Magic for Hire

Magic for Hire

ISBN: 1591136490;
Издательство: Booklocker.com
Страниц: 128

In this world of swords and magic, Dix, the only son of Sheridon's Top Commander, is ready to try anything. He's even ready to face another three months of fire blisters and ox tongue ointment in the Royal Magicians' test. His decision to follow a life of his choosing soon leads him to a group of fellow misfits. In a strange, old tavern where mist flows from a stuffed fish's nose, Dix joins them - though it's obvious this group has some secrets. Now, he needs to decide where to draw the line with his new friend Perry's odd jobs and obsession with finding a young boy's missing father. More importantly, in a kingdom where the King and Queen have gone mad, and the chief magicians are running the show, Dix and four other would-be magicians need to figure out if they can trust each other enough to thwart an evil plan.