Обложка книги A Trip Through Time

A Trip Through Time

ISBN: 1592868177;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 126

If you could go back in time and save a loved one from a fatal accident, would you? A year after losing her father in a fatal car accident, seventeen-year-old Sabrina Martelli is able to do just that. After finding her father?s plansfor a time machine, Sabrina completes the project and attempts to travel back to the year 2001 so she can prevent her father?s death. Something goes terribly wrong, though, and instead of transporting back to April of 2001, Sabrina finds herself stranded in 19th century England. Luckily she immediately meets twenty-one-year-old Alex Spencer, who brings Sabrina back to Harrington House, his family?s estate. Although the Spencer family finds Sabrina odd, they graciously allow her to stay with them while she attempts to repair the damaged time machine. Unfortunately, all does not go smoothly during her stay in the 1800s, and soon repairing the time machine isn?t Sabrina?s only problem.