Обложка книги Akhkharu: House of the Vampire

Akhkharu: House of the Vampire

ISBN: 0595280374;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 122

Over five thousand years ago a malignant creature was set loose upon the Earth. The plague of akhkharu was unleashed--an eternal curse to humanity. But with immortality came a warning in the form of prophecy. To thwart the prediction, thevampires lay numberless and quiet for centuries. Now after sitting idle for a millennium they start to stir as the prophecy begins to unfold. The key to that prophecy is Devin Merchon. Fighting against her destiny, she finds two allies in Alex Stone and Tom Ells. Together they face an ancient enemy thought only to be legend, but a far more dangerous creature has been awakened. He is an unholy incarnation and the very source of the plague itself. His bloodlust is insatiable and if he obtains Devinit will start in motion an ancient ambition to wipe out civilization and enslave the human race.