Обложка книги Breath of Darkness

Breath of Darkness

ISBN: 1592862527;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 176

Eighteen-year-old Erin Bray is an exception to the standards of mere mortals. Since her birth, she has possessed incredible supernatural powers that lay dormant, screaming for release. After a horrible car crash and a nine-day coma these powers finally float to the surface and magic flows from Erin?s fingertips. She is wanted by Evil; it desires her presence and power on its side so she can be used for ultimate destruction of Good. The Side of Good tries to protect her, ensuring the survival of all mankind. Knave, a follower of Evil, tries to manipulate Erin and initiate her to the Dark Side. Tressly, a member of the Light Side, travels to the little town of Ludington, Michigan to watch over Erin, to protect her from the Evil web Knave will try to cast around her. Which side will Erin choose? Or does she have a choice at all? Does she belong in the Darkness? Or is her fate in the Light?