Обложка книги Edentime


ISBN: 0595281176;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 112

A modern-day fable, Edentime deals with urgent, current social issues. It is the story of a flock of Canadian geese that tries to escape the pollutions and dangers of man by flying over the eastern sea to an idyllic island called Eden. At last they have found a land of beauty, perfection and eternal happiness or so it seems. Survival depends on preservation of both their environment and their flock. Ironically, the freedom they seek is endangered by their own follies and addictions, as they fall for the persuasion of a clever, treacherous dictator. In trying to save themselves, they have come perilously close to self-destruction. Benjamin, the wisest of the geese, finally realizes that they are trapped in an illusion that will be very difficult to escape. A? Edentime is a splendid novel, at once an allegory, an adventure story and a moral fable for our times. The narrative is strong and clear and the whole work one of high imagination.

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