Обложка книги Gatekeeper


ISBN: 1592865097;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 218

Kerrick Malone is an ordinary man with extraordinarily good luck. He is a writer whose latest fantasy novel has become a bestseller. His newest book — not yet finished — is going to be a movie. He is living the American dream until his wife is brutally murdered. In his pursuit of the truth about his wife’s death, he meets Arden McEwan, a woman with secrets. She can read people’s thoughts and their pasts by touching them or their belongings. She discovers that Kerrick’s wife was slaughtered by otherworldly creatures directed by a malevolent entity. Kerrick encounters what he has written about, but not believed — real magic that confers power and can open portals to other worlds — and he and Arden can control the power. Together they must use the magic to defeat a villain from another world who draws on Old Magic — the Magic of Unmaking, energies that can undo the forces that bind the Gates, releasing creatures capable of destroying humankind.