Обложка книги Lobster Calypso

Lobster Calypso

ISBN: 0755200861;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 296

Stunning rumours of a fabulous hidden treasure convulse the Caribbean as a long forgotten terror 'Pegasus' returns. Determined to escape the rat race, Brett Wrelton is offered the yacht of his dreams in return for six months work. Joy turns to despair as the assignment turns into a nightmare, involving him in drug smuggling, murder, conspiracy and betrayal. Lobsters being used for smuggling is something almost beyond comprehension, yet is explained in brilliant detail as the dramatic chase through Asia, Scotland and Antigua unfolds. Great mystery surrounds 'Pegasus'. Who or what is this? Trying to unravel this gripping suspense is breathtaking as the deadly secret is revealed with its power to change history. Every chapter is suffused with travel, adventure and action. The many twists and turns keep everyone guessing, right up to the cliff hanger ending. Stunning, intriguing and impossible to put down ‘A real nail biting page turner, well written and packed with...