Обложка книги The Blue Flame

The Blue Flame

ISBN: 0974084824;
Издательство: Tigress Press
Страниц: 414

The Blue Flame is the first novel in the Daradawn series. The book introduces sisters Regan and Kelsey Cafferty. While on a photo shoot in South Africa, Kelsey disappears. Regan believes her sister is dead. So she is shocked when a stranger shows up at her door saying with a story saying Kelsey is in danger and needs her help. After Regan is finaly convinced, she follows Mage Peter Canterville through a rift into the embattled world of Daradawn. What follows in the pages of The Blue Flame is a rousing magical adventure that thrusts Regan into a land of dwarves, elves, fairies, unicorns, dragons and humans. And that's not all-she fins that she along with Peter, bears the mark of the Blue Flame, one of the most powerful talismans in Daradawn and she's pitted against Dirkk, an evil mage. It's power against power to save Daradawn and even Regan doubts she can pull it off.Download DescriptionFANTASY: Kelsey Cafferty has been dead for seven years, or so her sister Regan believes....

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