Обложка книги The Fire Within

The Fire Within

ISBN: 1592861857;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 224

In her thirty years of life Elysia Reeves has endured a lot from her mother?everything from physical and mental abuse to the forced rape that she endured routinely under her mother?s watchful eye. But her mother isn?t trulya woman. She is a demon that has walked this planet since the time of Adam and Eve. She is the Phoenix?a ruthless creature that doesn?t age. But Elysia knows her fatal flaw. Her immortality comes at a price. One that Elysia is no longer willingto accept. When Kaleb McCallister comes into her life, she knows there is something about him, something special. Fearing for her safety, Elysia sneaks away in order to save herself and the one thing her mother desperately wants: her unborn child. She can?t run forever, and in the end she knows there is only one thing she can do. She must face her mother, and this time only one of them will walk away.