Обложка книги The Fixer: Crystal Clear (Mystical Adventure Series, 1)

The Fixer: Crystal Clear (Mystical Adventure Series, 1)

ISBN: 0595276350;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 232

Psychic Energy! Sexual Power! Passionate Love! 65-million-year-old crystals promise all these and more. But what is this opportunity of a lifetime luring young prostitute mothers off the streets? Are the ancient shards a scam?-or the key to harnessing one man's transcendent legacy? Does paradise offer a gateway to the future?-or a trapdoor to the ultimate sacrifice? And why would this rich dude take a pet iguana everywhere he goes? The world's wealthiest philanthropist and his mystical friend visit the fabulous resorts and steamy jungles of Costa Rica to probe the depths of a magic crystal cave, but the ancient Tsala shaman has other plans for Shawn, this "Man Who Shatters Light." Can this quest for knowledge illuminate the path toward fulfilling every desire? Can love be so blind that enlightenment turns deadly? Prospects are growing dim for The Fixer …and the answers are not always Crystal Clear .

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