Обложка книги The Seventh Coven

The Seventh Coven

ISBN: 159286371X;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 190

The Seventh Coven, an eighteenth century witches coven, have sworn ?an harm to none, do what thou wilt.? Led by their high priestess Sarah, they are locked in mortal battle with the Noven Coven, a league of witches who have sworn their allegiance to their Mistress Vanna, who bore a child sired by a demon and raised by a priest. In an effort to save the child from sacrifice, members of the Seventh Coven battle the Noven Coven. Outnumbered and pursued by demons, they battle for their lives and bargain for their souls. Sarah soon realizes they are no match for the Noven Coven. In an effort to save the child, she binds their souls so they will always ?know each other, less than blood, more than friends.? Moments later, Sarah dies. Two hundred years later the Seventh Coven and the Noven Coven are reincarnated.