Обложка книги Wolfshire


ISBN: 1592864627;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 260

The Northern Realm has fallen to the evil hordes of the unholiest alliance in ages ... a deadly bond between the tribes of goblins and the clans of orcs. Gone with freedom and humanity are the realm’s most revered heroes, Cromal and Cylous. Along with their defeat at the Northern Realm’s only human keep, the evil has set an iron grip of death upon the land. Cromal’s son Ranall has grown up in a realm where war is all he knows, and revenge is all he seeks most against his father’s killer. But when trouble befalls Ranall and he is cast out on his own to seek his fate, will he ever know revenge against the vile Goblin General Burlodan? Aided by the wizard Saegeal and holy man Travis, Ranall must find a way to unite the humans and their allies before it’s too late ... before the evil spreads again.