Обложка книги But... But... Barbarians

But... But... Barbarians

ISBN: 158240366X;
Издательство: Image Comics
Страниц: 240

An illustrated prose novel with black and white chapter illustrations. Okay: You're Bob and you just got fired from your job. You're taking a ride on Cal, your vintage Harley Davidson Sportster, to clear your head. Things look a little better through the speed and the haze of engine oil, when all of the sudden you fishtail through a dimensional portal and wind up in another world. Isn't that just always the way?! You find yourself in a world where magic exists side by side with atomic weapons. It's a world where elves, dwarves, vampires, Nazis, and oversized barbarians (the type that would make Conan himself blush with envy) live, work and play. And the only hope for the survival of that world and our own is... What's that you ask? Of course the world needs saving! Every novel needs some sort of jeopardy, and two worlds on the brink of destruction, well, that's a whole lot of jeopardy! The only hope is you, Bob, and your now-living motorcycle Cal. Oh yeah, and two big ol' nasty...