Обложка книги Doofus, the Little Christmas Boy (N)

Doofus, the Little Christmas Boy (N)

ISBN: 0595332099;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 190

Watch out Harry Potter! There's a new kid on the block who can out-fight, out-fly and out-enchant them all! Meet brave, resilient Doofus Dunlap and his brave pals--crazy little Ziggy, feisty Maggie and mystical Buck as they race beneath Earth to save Santa Claus from the enemies of Christmas. Join our American heroes as they battle the terrifying Demon Deer, the ferocious Dirt Devils and the worst of all--mad scientist Dr. Mirakle who rules the Dark World. Joining in the good fight is America's dazzling young President Barney Jordan. Add this fabulous volume next to The Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter . You'll never think of Christmas again without remembering brave little Doofus Dunlap and his holiday heroes! Download DescriptionWatch out Harry Potter! There

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