Обложка книги This Shade of Night: A Preternatural, Unlimited Novel

This Shade of Night: A Preternatural, Unlimited Novel

ISBN: 0595309453;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 122

"That's the part about being a vampire that I've always hated... the perks are great, but lunch can kill you..." One would think that an Investigator who is both vampire and were-tiger would have an advantage when it comes to supernatural crime, but right now that's not the case for Sadie-marie Stanton, Investigator for Preternatural, Unlimited. When a string of bizarre murders begin happening, Sadie is called in to use her unique talents to help solve these crimes, but the deeper she gets, the less sense it makes and the more trouble she gets in. And then things really start to get rough. It will take all of her considerable strength, will power and a little help from her friends to solve this mystery, before her unique self gets her dragged down with it!